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blip010 artist: Automotive
title: The Digil Parker Project
format: CD
catalog #: blip010
01 - Juando Theme
02 - Funparr
03 - Orirac
04 - Juissa Theme
05 - Paronez
06 - Digil Parker
07 - Ontayso Theme
08 - Leave it
09 - Juando
10 - Juan Theme
11 - Jugofu
12 - Juissa
13 - Funparr Theme
14 - Juando

The Digil Parker Project is the work of one of Europes most prolific electronica duo's (Funckarma). Automotive blends complex electronic rhythms and spatial atmospheres with recorded material from saxophone, clarinet, guitar and electric bass. The result is a finely tuned and unifed work that defies what is often seen as two worlds at odds with one and other...

Automotive's music is dark and emotive. Tight polyrhythmic beats move at mid tempo, while the freeform melodys of the wind instruments and deep synths draw you deep into the depths of its limpet like hold. With the two worlds of generated and recorded music increasingly enticed by one and other, it is not surprising to see a work like 'The Digil Parker Project' rising to the surface..

Review Highlights

Bob Bakerfish, Cyclic defrost Automotive are an incredibly prolific Dutch duo who also operate under a bunch of other names (Funckarma/Quench/Cane) in other styles, though here are intent on existing somewhere in the dreamy ether that separates jazz and electronics. Drawing upon ambient jazz, post rock, and soundtrack influences the duo craft some incredibly atmospheric tunes, dark drifting evocative sonic worlds -music that effectively creeps, albeit in a heavily reverbed manner, under the radar. Utilising saxophone, clarinet and electric bass alongside some very tastefully (read sparingly) used downtempo electronic beats, the music feels quite loose, possibly partly improvised and as such seems to posses a certain elongated sense of freedom. It on and forget you

Pietrobot, Igloomag Automotive is the sound of Don and Roel Funcken having fun with the history of jazz music. Clearly influenced by Miles Davis, DJ Krush and some of the aforementioned artists, they've grafted their influences onto their own distinctive style of programming and beat wrangling. The result is a record that seems like it should be found in the jazz bins, but clearly has the spark and punch to knock out its way out the racks and into the post-rock and experimental electronica sections. Watch this one; who knows where it will end up in the store.

Ron Schepper, Textura
The Digil Parker Project is both more exotic in sound, as the Funckens shift the sonic focus to woodwinds (primarily soprano saxophone in snake-charmer mode), guitar, and electric bass, more 'natural' with its greater emphasis on acoustic instruments, and more hazily atmospheric; tracks like the sax meditation 'Ontayso Theme' and lulling synth paradise 'Juan Theme' seem worlds away from Caipruss. There's still an electronic dimension (though one often more subliminally felt) with the Funckens fashioning a small-group persona in like manner to Burnt Friedman's 'live band' simulation in his recordings. Elements of jazz and post-rock sneak their way into the uptempo burner 'Jugofu' while a lazy hip-hop feel pervades 'Orirac' and 'Paronez'. If anything, Caipruss and The Digil Parker Project demonstrate that it's virtually impossible to associate the Funckens with a singular overarching style.

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